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Who, and what, are Moderators?

Community Support March 2, 2011

Moderators are the people that help keep the threads tidy and on-topic. They are people (just like you), and should be treated with respect (just like you).

Moderators keep an eye out for spam, member-bashing, incorrect placement of topics and help with general 'thread maintenance'. Moderators have the power to move and delete threads and individual posts. They can also edit other people's posts. Moderators will edit or delete posts that have incorrect links, defamatory remarks or that violate our community guidelines or terms of use. Often, Moderators will contact you if they have edited or deleted your post and explain the reasons why.

Some Moderators are selected by the Community Manager based on their contributions to TT and fair manner. Other Moderators are hired as permanent Lonely Planet staff and work with the Community Team in one of our three offices.

Community members can bring up issues with other members by contacting any of the Moderators, and any issues with the Moderators themselves can be brought up with planetjane.


The following individuals can be distinguished by their "Moderator" badge:









The Community Manager and Community Team can be reached by sending an email to: community@lonelyplanet.com

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