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What exactly is available in the Guides app? 0 134  by Ellie
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What systems does the Guides app work on? 0 81  by Ellie
Will you be adding more cities to the Guides app? 0 139  by Ellie
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Do I have to pay for upgrades? 0 6,598  by Ellie
How to I give feedback on the Guides app? 0 58  by Ellie
Are there any plans to make the Guides app available in languages other than English? 0 75  by Ellie
How did you choose which sights/businesses to feature in the Guides app? 0 71  by Ellie
I've been charged twice for downloading something I’ve already paid for - how do I get my money back? 0 6,078  by Ellie
What language phrasebook apps do you produce? 0 5,047  by Ellie
Will Lonely Planet add more phrases to the phrasebooks? 0 3,561  by Ellie