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I bought a City Guide or Phrasebook from the LP Travel Guides app (in-app purchase) and now there is a newer version showing as a stand-alone app in the app store – will my app be upgraded? 0 7,387  by xiaozhengm
Why have you rolled back the old version of the master app? 3 6,610  by Whoon
Why don’t my in-app titles appear on my new device? 0 5,713  by Kerrianne
Do I have to pay for upgrades? 0 5,961  by Trent
How do I get my apps on my new device? 0 5,211  by Trent
Who’s behind Lonely Planet iPhone apps? 0 6,025  by Trent
I've been charged twice for downloading something I’ve already paid for - how do I get my money back? 0 5,330  by Trent
Why isn’t the "Locate Me" function working in my City Guide app? 0 6,287  by Kerrianne
Why does my Lonely Planet city guide app crash when I launch it? 0 4,732  by Kerrianne
When will you release new city guide app titles? 0 4,630  by Trent
Why is the audio so quiet for my phrasebook app? 0 4,194  by Trent
What language phrasebook apps do you produce? 0 4,511  by Trent
I’m not happy! How do I get my money back? 0 4,705  by Trent
Can I move my ‘stand alone’ apps that I bought via iTunes into my Lonely Planet Travel Guides ‘master app’? 0 4,817  by Robert
Why has my POI Filter disappeared from my map? 0 3,895  by Trent
Will Lonely Planet add more phrases to the phrasebooks? 0 3,147  by Trent
Can I slow down or speed up the audio on my phrasebook? 0 3,494  by Trent
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Why are my maps behaving strangely? 0 3,853  by Trent